Programming for the Lightware Event Manager

Gattica Technologies is now offering Lightware Event Manager programming. Lightware Event Manager is a built-in program available on many devices that allows you to skip the need of an unnecessary, expensive and cumbersome control system. Our Certified Programming Engineers will help you utilize your Lightware Device to the fullest potential allowing you to focus on what is important to you.

Control External devices such as:

  • Turn Display or Projector on/off
  • Extend or retract projector screen
  • Turn on Lighting or Change Lighting Mode
  • Mute Audio system
  • Verify Current Device Health and other preventive measures
  • Switch video inputs on your system automatically.
  • Real Time switch to backup and notification for mission critical systems

Why choose Gattica?
Gattica Technology is comprised of a group of Video Engineers with more than a Decade of experience in Audio, Video, Teleconferencing, IT Networking, AV Marketing and System Design. Individually we have worked with many Fortune top 100 companies. At Gattica, our focus is one thing — providing the best solution and support for our customers.

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